Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010


I, went to my first Carnival, on Friday. My whole family, loves Amusement Parks. We, used, to take, Mom, when she was sick. At Calaway Park, in Calgary, was our favorite Park. We used, to head up, with my Uncle Keith and my Aunt Karen. I used, to ride, their Pony's. They are, my favourite Aunt and Uncle. They, wanted, me to live, on their farm, but I had, to get tested. My loved, the Swan Ride and the Train, even, if she was sick. She, would, come, in her, wheelchair Mom and watched, us have fun. Then, one, thing broke, her and she could not come out. My, Mom, was watching us and someone, called in the EMTS, they thought, that She, was having a Stroke. It, was Chorea. Then, we never, go out, any more. It, took, one person, to, wreak my Mom and our family. If, I was older, I could, ofher help her out.I am, never, going to let, anything, get in my way. You, all, make a promise, with me. We are, strong, we are loved, we need, to have Faith, in us and God. He, wants, us to live our, life unashamed. We can do it together. Don't let, anyone hide you. Don't, be embbarrsed, walking around. You, waist, so much, life away. Live and you will, get to love life.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Accept HD

Denial, is an ugly was to live. You, have to face your fears and open up, your eyes.
Don't run and hid. That, darkness will, trap you and not, let you go. Start, living your life and love your life. You, have nothing too fear, if you accept HD. We have HD, it is, in our family. It, is there and it's not, going to go away. Live with it and love it. It, will free, you and make, you happier, without, the burden.

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